HTML with multicolumn table in Markdown using knitr

I've used knitr and LaTeX but I'm thinking of changing to Markdown as this seems more compatible with Word (htlatex and Pandoc work but it's far from comfortable). My current problem is finding an alternative to latex() in the Hmisc package. The only alternative I've found is xtable, but it doesn't seem to create multicolumns.

Here's an example:

mx <- matrix(1:6, ncol=3) 
rownames(mx) <- LETTERS[1:NROW(mx)] 
colnames(mx) <- sprintf("Col %s", LETTERS[1:NCOL(mx)])
latex(mx, n.rgroup=c(2), rgroup=c("Nice!"),
      n.cgroup=c(2,1), cgroup=c("First", "Second"),

produces this table:


Ok, so I wrote it myself...

The package is as of version 1.0 called htmlTable and is available both from CRAN and and my blog, I hope you find it useful. I've created a few vignettes to help with all the options.

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