Prevent pop-ups from being blocked

I am using a Facebook login method in my code on page load, but when I execute this code, the pop-up blocker closes the Facebook permission window.

How can I open this window with Javascript without needing to make an exception in the pop-up blocker?

Below is my code:

{ perms: 'email,user_birthday,publish_stream' });


You can do something like -

var uri = encodeURI('');
FB.getLoginStatus(function(response) {
      if (response.status === 'connected') {
      } else {
         window.location = encodeURI(""+uri+"&response_type=token");

This will just redirect directly instead of opening a pop-up

This is specifically denied in the documentation:

"You should only call this on a user event as it opens a popup. Most browsers block popups, unless they were initiated from a user event, such as a click on a button or a link."

It's also simply poor UX.

There'd be no point in popup blockers existing if you could just code around them. You'll either need to find a method that doesn't use a popup or require some user interaction with the browser to open the popup.

Yeah you need to call it with a user event, but strictly the onclick event, not any other:

<a href="#" onclick="fbLogin()"> Login</a> <!-- works -->

<a href="#" onmousedown="fbLogin()"> Login</a> <!-- doesnt work -->

<a href="#" onmouseup="fbLogin()"> Login</a> <!-- doesnt work -->

If you try to open a popup automatically then there is a high possibility that popup blockers will become activated, as far as I know, it has to be based on some User action, for example click of a button. Try to execute this code on click of a button, it should work.

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