Cygwin: color coding and branch info for git?

Seem to be having a problem because I just recently changed my client for the gitbash to cygwin but i am missing color coding when i do git status for example and also the bash prompt doesn't include the current branch / rebase etc

Does anyone know how to make cygwin look like gitbash? You maybe wondering why i changed, well i wanted more commands available :-)

surley this must be supported

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


It sounds like you just need to set up your .gitconfig for your cygwin shell to enable coloured output. Here is what I have in my ~/.gitconfig file (with which I get coloured markup in the output):

        diff = auto
        status = auto
        branch = auto
        interactive = auto
        ui = true
        pager = true

I think the most important line here is ui = true, which you can turn on straight from the command line if you wish:

git config --global color.ui true

Answer by @lee-netherton is correct.

For those using Windows Git- - I had to create a ~/.bashrc to enable color output from git status.


export TERM

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