Run java jar file on a server as background process

I need to run a java jar in server in order to communicate between two applications. I have written two shell scripts to run it, but once I start up that script I can't shut down / terminate the process. If I press ctrl+C or close the console, the server will shut down. Could anyone help me how to modify this script to run as a normal server?

java -jar /web/server.jar
echo $! 


You can try this:

nohup java -jar /web/server.jar &

The & symbol, switches the program to run in the background.

The nohup utility makes the command passed as an argument run in the background even after you log out.

If you're using Ubuntu and have "Upstart" ( can try this:

Create /var/init/yourservice.conf

with the following content

description "Your Java Service"  
author "You"  

start on runlevel [3]  
stop on shutdown  

expect fork  

    cd /web 
    java -jar server.jar >/var/log/yourservice.log 2>&1  
    emit yourservice_running  
end script  

Now you can issue the service yourservice start and service yourservice stop commands. You can tail /var/log/yourservice.log to verify that it's working.

If you just want to run your jar from the console without it hogging the console window, you can just do:

java -jar /web/server.jar > /var/log/yourservice.log 2>&1

Systemd which now runs in the majority of distros

Step 1:

Find your user defined services mine was at /usr/lib/systemd/system/

Step 2:

Create a text file with your favorite text editor name it whatever_you_want.service

Step 3:

Put following Template to the file whatever_you_want.service

Description=webserver Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -jar /web/server.jar


Step 4:

Run your service as super user

$ systemctl start whatever_you_want.service # starts the service
$ systemctl enable whatever_you_want.service # auto starts the service
$ systemctl disable whatever_you_want.service # stops autostart
$ systemctl stop whatever_you_want.service # stops the service
$ systemctl restart whatever_you_want.service # restarts the service

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