Spree Commerce is working, but no assets.

I'm trying to customize and modify Spree Commerce, but none of the standard asset files/images/views are available under either app/views, lib/assets, or anywhere else I can think to look. I'm trying to go through their tutorials, but I can't find anything to edit. Is there another command I need to decompress everything or something? Thank you so much for any help!


The way I over came this is to download the main spree gem, via github.com, look where the images are located then creating the images I wanted to override in my local app/assets directory with the same path run:

rake assets:precompile:nondigest 

restart webrick/pow or any other web server you are running and voila!

I'm guessing you're not really familiar with how gems work. As people here have said, these are not going to automatically show up in your core app directory, but the gemfile and running bundle install knows how to reference them.

So you need to find those gems to figure out the file names, as you said. If you want to view the gemfiles run this command in the terminal:

$ bundle open spree_frontend

If you get this error:

To open a bundled gem, set $EDITOR or $BUNDLER_EDITOR

then you haven't set up the editor, so do this:

export BUNDLER_EDITOR=sublime

Then redo the bundle open command. This should open the spree_frontend directory which will let you investigate the file names/paths and the assets. If you want to change an entire template, you need to create that file matching its name and path exactly as it is in the spree gem (spree/layouts/spree_application.html.erb for example) then when you edit it your rails app will render the code in your core app directory thus overriding the spree gem.

That make sense?

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