get the ID of last DIV inside a DIV using jQuery

I have the below.

<div id=container>
    <div id=box1></div>
    <div id=box2></div>
    <div id=box3></div>
    <div id=box4></div>
    <div id=box5></div>
    <div id=box6></div>

What is the correct way to get the id of the last div inside container using jQuery?


You can try this:

jQuery Code


Try this:

var id = $('#container div:last').attr('id')

Well you can do this:

$("#container div").last().attr("id")

Or if you only want to include divs that are direct children of #container (assuming your real-world code has more elements and might have divs inside the divs) change the above selector to "#container > div".

But note that there's no one "correct" way.

You can use the .last() method which will help you to match the last element.

You can then get the id

$('#container div').last().attr('id');

See demo.

More on jquery .last()

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