bindFormRequest() encounter a cannot find symbol error in Play 2.0.3

I create a form with Play framework. but I get a error: cannot find symbol I reviewed the example codes in play directory, still can not figure it out. by the way, can I use Play to access PostgresSQL in heroku? This is following code:

This is piece of code in /controllers/

    final static Form<Geo> geoForm = form(Geo.class);

    public static Result showDBpage(){

          //get problem here :-<
          Form<Geo> filledForm = geoForm.bindFormRequest(); 
          Geo loc = filledForm.get();
          return ok(database.render(loc));

This is conf/routes:

POST    /database   controllers.Application.showDBpage()


@(loc: Geo)

@main("") {

    <p>This is Database pages</p>

    <p>@loc.longitute and @loc.latitute</p>

    <a href=@routes.Application.index>Back to form</a>


package models;

import java.util.*;
import javax.validation.*;

public class Geo
    public String longitute;
    public String latitute;

    public Geo()


    public Geo(String longitude,String latitute)
        this.longitute = longitute;
        this.latitute = latitute;
        //this.length = length;


There is NO method bindFormRequest() but bindFromRequest() - you have a typo in your code.

Check the API

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