How to step into C/C++ DLL from C# application while debugging

I have two project in my solution: C/C++ Win32 DLL and some C# application.

What I have to do to be able to step into DLL while debugging?

I switched on all debugging options in C++ project's settings and copied to C# application root next files: MyLib.dll, MyLib.pdb, vc90.pdb, vc90.idb, but it doesn't helped.

What additional actions have I to carry out?


Have you turned on Enable Unmanaged Code Debugging in your C# project?

I'll throw in additional answer in case someone will come by looking for solution to this kind of problem:

If you are attaching a debugger through Debug>Attach To Process, before clicking "Attach" in the "Attach to Process" dialog, make sure to select the appropriate code type to which the debugger can be attached.

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