How to run a modern userscript on Internet Explorer?

I've found it's pretty easy to take a Greasemonkey-type userscript and turn it into extensions/addons for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. And of course one can run them natively in Chrome, and simply in Firefox using the Greasemonkey addon.

I'm now exploring whether I can run my userscript on IE at all. I tried the ancient Trixie and the bloatwarish ie7pro, but neither run the script correctly. They partially work, but also appear to reload the script many times on the same page, continually inserting the items that should only appear once. The oft-mentioned Greasemonkey for IE now appears defunct, its domain name ( having been parked and full of ads.

I've dug in w/ search a bit, looking for information about how to develop IE extensions (e.g. this). But I've had no luck finding anyone talking about getting a userscript to run inside of an addon. At the least it looks like javascript might not be available w/in those environments, necessitating a complete rewrite in C#.

Are there any Greasemonkey-type addons I haven't listed above? Is it possible to convert a javascript userscript into an IE extension?


This is meant to be a cross browser scripting platform, and might be what you're looking for:

I've not got round to trying it yet so can't vouch for it I'm afraid!

You can import any GreaseMonkey script fairly easily with the Crossrider cross-browser extension framework to work with Internet Explorer, along with Firefox, Safari and Chrome (It's a free service).

(disclosure: I am one of the employees of Crossrider)

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