throws invalid argument in IE7-8-9b

I don't know enough about javascript to figure out why the line in this script that begins "" throw an invalid argument error in IE7-8-9b. Works fine in Firefox and Webkit.

(The script is envoked with an onclick="share.fb()"in a html link and pops up a new browser window to share at FB and Twitter).

var share = {
    fb:function(title,url) {
    tw:function(title,url) {
    share:function(tpl,title,url) {
    if(!url) url = encodeURIComponent(window.location);
    if(!title) title = encodeURIComponent(document.title);

    tpl = tpl.replace("##URL##",url);
    tpl = tpl.replace("##TITLE##",title);,"sharewindow"+tpl.substr(6,15),"width=640,height=480");


IE disallows spaces and other special characters in window name (the second argument). You need to remove them before passing as argument.




"sharewindow"+tpl.substr(6,15).replace(/\W*/g, '')

so that you end up with,"sharewindow"+tpl.substr(6,15).replace(/\W*/g, ''),"width=640,height=480");

(that's basically a regex replacement which says "replace every sequence of non-aplhabetic character by nothing")

Live demo here (configure if necessary your popup blocker)

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