Right align Facebook like button

I am able to put a Facebook like button on my website, but how do I make it to be right-aligned within the div/iframe it is in?

I tried applying various CSS properties, but I could not get anything to move in the iframe.


iframe is an inline element, you can use

text-align: right

for a div that contains that iframe, or float the iframe to the right, but just make sure to clear the float afterwards.

sample: http://jsfiddle.net/Mujj6/3/ and: http://jsfiddle.net/Mujj6/5/

I think this link could help too: http://shades-of-orange.com/post/2011/01/09/Embed-Facebook-Like-Button-e28093-Right-Align-with-css-and-Settings.aspx

It says to set the width to "0". Then the box will be autoresize by Facebook and you can apply a float right to that box.

Seems as though there are many ways to achieve this that work in different situations.

None of the above seemed to make any difference to the position of my 'like' button, however a little trial and error with a "margin-left" tag and I got it in the right place.

Thanks for everyone's input. The position relative trick doesn't always do it for me:


So far this has been more dependable:


What is described in Embed Facebook Like button – Right align with CSS and settings works. However, in my website, I had to change the style to

position:relative; right:-130px;

the 'like' social plug-in seems to have changed styles within the iframe. what's the best way to prevent the 'like' from flowing right, on the following page?


With DIV it's easy:

.fb-like{ vertical-align:top;}

posted also on SimpleMediaCode.info ( http://e-art.lv/x/fbas )

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