How to stop a running R command in linux other than ctrl+c?

I'm running R in interactive mode under linux, and mistakenly typed in a command that takes forever to run. I usually stop it using ctrl+c. But it doesn't work all the time. When it doesn't work, is there another way? I don't want to kill the R session to start over either.



I have had the problem you mention. ctrl+c will work when R is able to realize "oh this guy wants me to stop running that particular command." However, often R cannot do that. So you have to run ctrl+\ (note that it's a backslash not a forward slash). This tells linux "hey, R is not listening to me, can you stop running R?".

Try ctrl+c first because if it works you will still have your R session. If it doesn't work, and you do ctrl+\ you will lose your R session but at least stop the process.

If that doesn't work either, then I would suggest a killall R or a kill -9 [PID] where you find the PID by running pus aux.

Try to use ctrl+c, then pause R with ctrl+z, and then unpause R with fg (#job)

I tried the solutions given above with sending some signals to R with kill, but neither worked. Then I tried the sequence above (ctrl+c; ctrl+z, fg 1) and it worked. I could continue the R session. I'm not sure whether it was one of the signals or ctrl+c that stopped R, but I guess ctrl+z was essential here.

You can also try kill -USR1 [pid]

This will interrupt some R calls and sometimes give you the option to save and quit rather killing the process all together.

ctrl+c not working. Somehow ctrl+\ will stop the process. But there is a fuction in r programming to quit. You can try q() on RPEL, worked for me.


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