How to execute shell command after compile finished from .pro in QT?

What changes must I make to the .pro file if I want to execute chmod command, execute the output binary file, or do some other operations.


I had a similar problem. I wanted a special tool (versioner) to run over the code every time the Makefile was executed. Here's the solution:

(to be read in the Qmake Manual, Configuring qmake's Environment, Section: Customizing Makefile Output)

Create you own Makefile target. Specify the command etc. = .buildfile
mytarget.commands = touch $$


This way, you have an extra target you can call with make mytarget for example. If you want to tie it together to the actual buildtarget you'll have to add:


Hope that helps.

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If you are using Qt Creator, you can add custom build steps in the Projects panel:

The right answer depends on exactly what you want, and when. However, as seen in some previously posted comments here QMAKE_POST_LINK is probably what you want rather than POST_TARGETDEPS.

Check out this related post: QMake: execute script after build

For one, when you use POST_TARGETDEPS that fires off BEFORE your exe is created (in Windows) or BEFORE it is recreated (in Linux)! QMake works differently depending upon the platform and the complier.

I needed to do some "symbols processing" on an exe when it was recompiled. POST_TARGETDEPS gave me problems in both Windows (using mingw) and Linux (using gcc). In Windows, it executed my script prematurely, and in Linux it overwrote my exe after I had modified it (i.e. added back my debugging info to the exe after I had stripped it in my external script). QMAKE_POST_LINK worked perfectly, however, in both cases. It's also short, sweet, and more clear by comparison!

Another way to make things in given order is to use empty "super" target:

super.depends = target_pre first target_post

Where first - is default qmake target, and target_pre and target_post some custom targets. Now make super just do the thing.

EDIT: looks like in last versions of Qt build of dependencies is running in paralell so this solution wouldn't work.

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