set field as empty for mongo object using mongoose

I'm calling on an object, where I set user.signup_date = null;

user.first_name = null;
user.signup_date = null;;

But when I look at the user in the mongodb it still has the signup_date and first_name do I effectively set this field as empty or null?


To remove those properties from your existing doc, set them to undefined instead of null before saving the doc:

user.first_name = undefined;
user.signup_date = undefined;;

Does it make a difference if you try the set method instead, like this:

user.set('first_name', null);
user.set('signup_date', null);;

Or maybe there's an error when saving, what happens if you do: (err) {
    if (err) console.log(err);

Does it print anything to the log?

Another option is to define a default value as undefined for these properties.

Something like the following:

let userSchema = new mongoose.Schema({ first_name: { type: String, default: undefined }, signup_date: { type: Date, default: undefined } })

Just delete fields

delete user.first_name;
delete user.signup_date;;

On Mongoose documentation (Schema Types), you can go to the Arrays explanation. There, it says this:

Arrays are special because they implicitly have a default value of [] (empty array).

var ToyBox = mongoose.model('ToyBox', ToyBoxSchema);
console.log((new ToyBox()).toys); // []

To overwrite this default, you need to set the default value to undefined

(I've made an addition inside the toys element)

var ToyBoxSchema = new Schema({
     toys: {
          type: [{
              name: String,
              features: [String]
          default: undefined

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