Is there a IE tester for mac?

I want to test my site on different version of IE on mac, is there any software for that ?


You could try using an online browser tester, for example

You can also use VirtualBox to install windows and use IE on mac . While virtualbox is free, you need to get a handle on windows OS.

You can also download the IE from Microsoft and use winebottler. It runs off of Wine and ‘bottles’ various Windows apps into launchable .app files that sit in your Applications folder like any other Mac app.

Use Wine, a free OS X application that runs Windows executables. I use Winebottler, as it is a precompiled binary.

Try the browserling website. It's kind of slow, but it seems to be faster in the morning.

Check out BrowserShots which is a web service to check your websites against different web browsers running on different operating systems.


Get an account and you can test many Windows browsers for free for 10 minutes at the time.

Running a virtual machine with VirtualBox is the best way I have found to reliably test websites on multiple versions of Internet Explorer with Mac OS X:

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