Facebook send dialog: adding a linebreak in the description

This is an URL I have to send an invitation to an app of mine:


I'm trying to have a linebreak included within the description, but I just haven't found a way to do so. How do I do it?


I had the same issue and eventually gave up. Facebook seems to have gone to great lengths to avoid letting us have any linebreaks in the description.

The one thing you can do is add a &caption=first%20line which gets you one linebreak between the caption and the description. (There's a pretty short limit on how long the caption can be though - something like 80 characters.)

Update: this no longer works for send dialogs. It does still work for feed dialogs

Try using <center></center> this will create a new line in Facebook dialog description.

\n works in message but not in name parameter

Try including %0D%0A in your description where you want the line break to be. This is the URL-encoded equivalent of a line break.

I tried center></center> and %0D%0A. Both worked... for a split second. You could see the breaks upon page load, and then, like evil magic, facebook took it away and it was all scrunched up. Too bad. I'm trying to share a daily schedule, which would look much better with line breaks.

You can use blanks that are not posted to facebook in the length of the feed so the line breaks.

Or you just style your post by adding ".........." in the end of each line. This way people would maybe be more attracted to your post as they are eyecatching.

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