invalid username/password in egit when pushing changes to googlecode

I have a project hosted in googlecode with Git.

I'm using STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) with eGit.

I cloned the repository at home and I could commit & push the changes successfully. I did the same thing at work and when I try to push the changes after commiting them, it shows the following error: Invalid username/password.
You may need to use your generated password; see

I entered the googlecode generated password when I first cloned the repository (as I did at home, and this error never showed up). I try entering it again and nothing changes.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?



Do as following:

Open Git repositories view, open "Remotes > origin > " and click "Change Credentials..."

Further reference:


I resolved it by going to Preferences > General > Security > Secure Storage > Contens tab and deleting default secure storage for repository.

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