Facebook like button not working

Facebook like button not working on my site. It goes from like back to default as if it isn't passing some validation.


Once the problem is detected and solved, I'll edit the question to represent a minimal example that will benefit the SO community. Unfortunately I can't pull out the problem out yet as I'm not sure what it is..

Here is a screencast demonstrating the issue http://see.weareinto.com/8Hbq


I believe this is a problem happening on facebook's end. But, there is a way you can fix it... Just copy the URL of your page and enter it in the Facebook LINTER tool here:

Facebook LINTER -> https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

I'm not sure of the exact details of why this works, but from what I've been able to gather, when you run the LINTER tool on your URL it will also update the cache facebook has for your URL. The error with the button working is on the facebook side, so by running this tool and getting facebook to update their cached data for your page, the like button starts working again. I've seen this broken facebook button occur for a few different reasons, one being that a page used to use the old facebook share button. When you add the new like button to a page that used to use a share button, the like button won't work until you run the page through the linter.

Bottom line is doing this will fix your like button. If your facebook button doesn't work on a page, run it through the LINTER tool. Hope this helps!

If you are on Wordpress and you have the "Facebook Comments" plugin enabled, uncheck "Include OpenGraph Meta Information" at the very bottom of the Facebook Comments settings page. This was screwing it up for me.

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