Configure git to track only one file extension

I have one directory tree with many kind of different files. There are 300 directories on the parent directory. Each directory could have other sub directories.

I only want to track *.cocci on all sub directories. Here is my .gitignore:


But it do not work, as the files on sub directories are not tracked. How can I tell git that I only want to track *.cocci on all sub directories?


Read this question.

You want:

# Blacklist everything
# Whitelist all directories
# Whitelist the file you're interested in. 

Note, this'll track only *.cocci files. Yours doesn't work because you ignore everything (that's the first line), which ignores all subdirectories.

To extend @simont answer, if we wanted to whitelist *.cocci files of a given directory and its subdirectories I would wrongly have entered:


That seems not to be including *.cocci files under directory/subtree.

In order to find all *.cocci files in all sub-directories of directory entered the following:


It is impossible to unignore directory by !dir in .gitignore, but then it is still possible to add directory by hand:

git add dir -f

So if the .gitignore file looks like:


Then when you do git add . new *.txt files are then added. New directory will not be auto-added, it have to be added by hand by git add dir -f

Have you tried !*/*.cocci instead of your !*.cocci?

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