Django - How to sort queryset by number of character in a field


name = models.CharField(max_length=255)

I try to sort the queryset. I just think about this:

obj = MyModel.objects.all().sort_by(-len(name)) #???

Any idea?


you might have to sort that in python..

sorted(MyModel.objects.all(),key=lambda o:len(,reverse=True)

or I lied ( A quick google search found the following)


The new hotness (as of Django 1.8 or so) is Length()

from django.db.models.functions import Length
obj = MyModel.objects.all().order_by(Length('name').asc())

You can of course sort the results using Python's sorted, but that's not ideal. Instead, you could try this:


You'll need to use the extra argument to pass an SQL function:

obj = MyModel.objects.all().extra(order_by=['LENGTH(`name`)']) 

Note that this is db-specific: MySQL uses LENGTH, others might use LEN.

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