Set Qlabel width

I'm trying to make a ratio between 2 numbers (likes & dislikes).

The result is a number in percent. Then I want to make the width from the label equal that percent.

So If there are 100 likes and 1 dislike. I want to make the dislike label 1 percent the width of the like bar. So basically like the youtube rating system.

Example image:

But I don't see any function to set the width of the label. So how do I need to do this, anyone have suggestions?


QLabel::setFixedWidth(int). Though to make it more flexible (don't have to worry about layouts changing things), I would subclass QWidget, add slots for the two numbers, and reimplement paintEvent(..) to draw the two sections.

Hm, i`m just using resize() method. For example my widget, implemented from QLabel:

BenchItem *itm=static_cast<BenchItem*>(widget); itm->resize(this->width(),itm->height());

i don`t need change height so it uses itself height, but width should change due to parents width().

I have used setGeometry() method to set the QLabel width dynamically. I have qlabel in Form Ui.

ui->qlabel->setGeometry(x, y, width, height);

Looking at QT documentation, this element can only contain

"Plain text, Rich text, A pixmap, A movie, A number, or Nothing"

where the most promising of these, "pixmap", seems not to have the image manipulation functionality you would need, instead being more about displaying images:

Instead, I'd suggest looking into more lightweight solutions for your bar graph problem, like CSS. Here's a way to do this using two div elements:

If you prefer displaying an image after all, and have GD libraries enabled, perhaps have a look here:

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