Can I change the marker in a Google Maps embedded map (iframe)?

I know I can do it with the Google Maps API, but do you know if there is a way to change the marker in an embedded Google Map?

I want to replace the default "A" button for a "B" button or the marker with just a dot in the middle.


I haven't played around with embedding Google Maps before (I generally go straight to the API for stuff like this). I tried a couple of approaches:

  • I figured maybe the embed syntax would be the same as the static maps api. So I grabbed a static maps URL, copied the markers param from that and tried sticking it into the iFrame URL. This didn't work so much.

  • I created a Google MyPlaces and customized the marker to use the one your provided. This created a Test map which had the appropriate marker icon. I then grabbed the embed code and stuck it on a test page and voila!

Actually I had the same problem but didn't use any of the methods above and thought I share:

If you only want a marker as I did but don't want to use API then simply fool google into thinking you want a route planned using the GET tags "saddr" and "daddr"

"saddr" defines your start location (post code , street name+ number, whatever)

ONLY define saddr and leave out daddr and google maps will by default still show the marker for "A" (your start location) exactly where you want it , all in iframe without API.

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