How do you push code with gitg?

I can do everything else I need but with the GUI I cannot seem to figure out how to pull or push code. Pushing is more important in this case, anyone know how?


Anyone looking for this feature in gitg 3.14: I got confirmation from a developer that it hasn't been implemented yet.

Figured it out, not too difficult, just have to right click on the branch name when you are looking at your commit history

On the history tab, right click on the name of the tracking branch

Create on .git/hooks a file named post-commit and insert this code

git push -u origin master

and turn this into a executable script

chmod 755 post-commit

According to the official project roadmap, it is a feature in todo state; the target release is 0.3 so I assume this table it is not updated so this project is poorly maintained: we can imagine real gnome coders do not use GUIs :)

You have to clone a repository previously. For example:

git clone

Once cloned, go into the downloaded repository and execute gitk

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