sequelize fetching associations on find (1.6)

sequelize 1.6 has the following in the changelog:

[FEATURE] added association prefetching for find and findAll

The question is HOW?

I have the following models defined:

var self = {
    Medium: client.define("Medium", {
        name: Sequelize.STRING,
        description: Sequelize.TEXT

    User: client.define("User", {
        firstName: Sequelize.STRING,
        lastName: Sequelize.STRING,
        email: Sequelize.STRING,
        aboutArt: Sequelize.TEXT,
        bio: Sequelize.TEXT,
        password: Sequelize.STRING,
        description: Sequelize.TEXT
self.User.hasMany(self.Medium, { as: 'Media' });

for(var key in self){
    var model = self[key];

later when i fetch a user like this:

    .success(function(record) {
        //record has no media!

the User instance does not have a list media. How do i auto fetch associations?


BTW: Now that Sequelize 1.6.0 is out, the syntax for the eager loading has slightly changed:

User.find({ where: {id: id}, include: [Media] }).success(function(user){ 

So you'll have to pass the Model instead of the Model's name to the include statement.

sdepold actually wrote the code, but I believe the syntax he settled on for include is:

User.find({ where: {id: id}, include: ['Media'] }).success(function(user){ 

The answer is currently only available inside the code, the tests and ... my head :D

User.find({ where: {id: id}, include: ['Media'] }).success(function(user){ 

The reason for the not yet available documentation iiiiiis the fact, that the release is currently an alpha version.

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