Google Maps KML: 8-Digit Hex Code

I am new to Google Maps and KML. I have my KML file rendering polygons on my map, but I would like to change the color of the fill on the pollygon and the polygon's line color.

The problem is that I am having trouble creating colors in 8-digit hex. Every time I think I have the color right, it doesn't render like I think it would. I can't seem to find a color editor anywhere that would allow me to generate the 8-digit hex code that I need.

Do you guys know of such an editor (Paint.NET doesnt seem to support 8-digit) or some other way to easily generate an 8-digit code?



This is what I use:

(this page lets you enter the code)

The hardest part is remembering the order of the pieces (from the spec):

The order of expression is aabbggrr, where aa=alpha (00 to ff); bb=blue (00 to ff); gg=green (00 to ff); rr=red (00 to ff).

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