Disable/suppress tcltk popup for CRAN mirror selection in R

My question is similar to a question previously posted but never really answered here:

Disable GUI, graphics devices in R

I do not like the R tcltk popups for CRAN mirror selection. They also pop up to choose a package when searching for help on a function in two packages.

Is there any way to disable these windows without disabling X11 completely? I still want plot() commands to work as normal, but disable the little select menus that take forever to load over a remote connection.

For example, if you use ssh, but don't use -X, then the mirror select is just text within R, you type a number. It's fast. This is what I want, but maintaining X11 for plots b.

Anyone know how to maintain graphics windows but disable the "choice" tcltk windows?


Dirk provides ways to avoid the menus altogether, but to answer your question as posed, I think you want


I tracked this option down by finding the class of objects returned from help (it's help_files_with_topic), scanning utils:::print.help_files_with_topic and finding the line

menu(txt, title = gettext("Choose one"), graphics = getOption("menu.graphics"))

Just set a mirror in the startup files. I have this in my ~/.Rprofile and I never see that prompt:

## Default repo
local({r <- getOption("repos");
       r["CRAN"] <- "http://cran.us.r-project.org"; 

See help(Startup) for more things you can customize here, and also see this excellent SO question on customizing ~/.Rprofile.

Edit: As for your additional question just added in the comments, that is different. In this case you could specify the mapply explicitly by using the namespace and :: operator. For example, base::mapply(foo, bar) would unambiguously pick one from the standard library, and similarly help(mapply, package="base") asks for the help for a given function from a given package.

Also have a look at the interactivity package in CRAN if you wish to completley disable interactive funky stuff.

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