How can I mirror a project hosted on launchpad on github?

I want to contribute actively to a project that is hosted on Launchpad. I'm much more comfortable with GitHub, and would like to continue to use it if possible. Would I be able to mirror the bzr repository on github?

If it's possible, how could I set this up?


You could try some kind of git-bzr bridge like this git-bzr git-bzr script:

This script allows you to add bazaar repositories as git branches in your git repository. After that, you can fetch the Bazaar repo, make some changes, and push it back into Bazaar.

The reverse is possible, meaning you can clone a bzr repo and push to your GitHub repo with bzr-git.

Beware: trunk bzr-fastimport is broken and may corrupt your 'marks' file..

A detailed implementation here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/fast-only

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