How to get total additions and deletions on a given branch for an given author in git

Is there a way in git to count the total deletions and additions for a given user on a given branch? Something like that is on github, in the graph section there is a chart that shows you the total additions and deletions but only on the master branch... i think if they did it this mus be possible in git also, so, does someone know how to do that?

Thank you in advance.


I don't think Git has any built-in command that does this. But with the help of some other standard utilities, it can be done. Here is an example that filters Git's log output through awk to get the summary of total insertions and deletions:

git log --author=$USER --shortstat $BRANCH | \
awk '/^ [0-9]/ { f += $1; i += $4; d += $6 } \
END { printf("%d files changed, %d insertions(+), %d deletions(-)", f, i, d) }'

I rolled my own based on this to cover the case with newer git where 0 insertions or deletions is not printed:

git log --author=$USER --shortstat $BRANCH | 
  ruby -e 'puts $<.read.scan(/(\d+) \w+\(([+-])\)/).group_by(&:last).
  map{|s,ds|,&:+).to_s}.join(", ")'

This just prints the insertion and deletion totals, like: +7108, -6742

If you want the files changed total too, this slightly hacky¹ version will do:

git log --author=$USER --stat=99999999 $BRANCH | 
  ruby -e 'f,a,d = $<.read.scan(/^ (.*?)\s+\|\s+\d+\s(\+*)(\-*)$/).transpose;
  puts [f.uniq.length, " files, +", a.join.length, ", -", d.join.length].join'

The output looks like this: 97 files, +3701, -3598

The files total is the number of unique file names across all the commits, not the sum of the number of files changed on each commit, which is what the original answer gives you.

¹ The 999… thing is because we're literally counting the number of +s and -s, and we need git not to cap them to the default width, so we give it a very long width to work with.

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