QComboBox AbstractItemView::item

Is there a way I could increase the height of the items, which are listed in a QComboBox control ?

I tried following as suggested here in QTDevNet forums but with no luck

QComboBox QAbstractItemView::item {margin-top: 3px;}

I also tried this, still with no result.

QComboBox QAbstractItemView::item {min-height: 20px;}

Is it possible to achieve this at style-sheet level at all ?


Your style sheet seemed correct, so I tried it. It seems the problem is similar to this one on Qt centre:

QCompleter sets a custom QAbstractItemDelegate on it's model and unfortunately this custom item delegate does not inherit QStyledItemDelegate but simply QItemDelegate (and then overrides the paintmethod to show the selected state).

If you replace the default delegate by a QStyledItemDelegate, your style sheet should work:

QStyledItemDelegate* itemDelegate = new QStyledItemDelegate();

An alternative solution would be:

ui->comboBox->model()->setData(ui->comboBox->model()->index(-row-, 0), QSize(-width-, -height-), Qt::SizeHintRole);

, where -row- is zero-based item index; -width- and -height- stand for item width hint and height hint, respectively.

QComboBox::item worked for me

So for example, I was trying to change the color of the item when it was disabled, and the following code did the trick.

This one did not work:

QComboBox QAbstractItemView::item:!enabled {

Instead I used:

QComboBox::item:!enabled {

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