Convert a Wordpress site into static html?

Could anyone please give me ideas on converting whole established wordpress site into html?

I already searched in google, and found some links:

Any other easy way? Please suggest?


Use a website ripper or bot to crawl and download the complete site; that will give you a mirror of the Wordpress site in plain html and images. That's basically what those plugins do.

They won't give you of course, any of the php or dynamic aspects of the site; only plain html.

One of many rippers out there: Or google for more. Or use one of those plugins. It's not any easier than that, and that's easy.

Or for a command line utility, try wget. See

Sample usage: wget -r -p -e robots=off

Then, take a look at to see how standard WordPress themes are structured in terms of file hierarchy, adding scripts and style sheets, and more. Process the text files you get to remove markup from your files and isolate text content, isolate the HTML needed, and make a theme.

The easy way to do for you is to view the source of the page and paste this in notepad, Save this page as html and you are done, remember that It wont be a wordpress page rather a simple static html page. there isn't any other way trust me.

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