Is there any way to use SCOPE_IDENTITY if using a multiple insert statement?

I will import many data rows from a csv file into a SQL Server database (through a web application). I need the auto generated id value back for the client.

If I do this in a loop, the performance is very bad (but I can use SCOPE_IDENTITY() without any problems).

A more performant solution would be a way like this:

VALUES ('1'), ('2'), ('3')

Is there any way to get all generated IDs and not only the last generated id?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards, Thorsten


No, SCOPE_IDENTITY() only gives you the one, latest inserted IDENTITY value. But you could check out the OUTPUT clause of SQL Server ....

DECLARE @IdentityTable TABLE (SomeKeyValue INT, NewIdentity INT)

OUTPUT Inserted.Keyvalue, Inserted.ID INTO @IdentityTable(SomeKeyValue, NewIdentity)
VALUES ('1'), ('2'), ('3')

Once you've run your INSERT statement, the table variable will hold "some key value" (for you, to identify the row) and the newly inserted ID values for each row inserted. Now go crazy with this! :-)

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