how to add publishing profile to a new sln in vs2012?

I have read the publishing profiles have replaced WDP

but I cannot find decent tutorial

how to add and modify pubxml file to my project

any help will be appreciated


When you right-click a project and select Publish, you get the Publish Web wizard. Using this to create a profile (you don't have to actually publish in order to create a profile) creates the .pubxml, and on the first step of the wizard you can use the Manage Profiles button to rename or delete profiles. Profiles are created in a PublishProfiles folder under Properties. See

In order to create a new profile once you have already defined one, you have to open the "Publish" window (righ click on the project), click on the "Profile" tab and select the <New...> option from the drop-down list; this will create a new pubxml file (see screenshot). It's a bit tricky to find and I wonder why they didn't put a "New" button on the "Manage profiles" window.

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