XCode Show Function Parameters Hotkey

One of the few things I haven't figured out how to do in XCode that I could do in Visual Studio is list the parameters of a function. I've Googled this a few times now, and still haven't found an answer.

If I start typing out, for example round( I get a list of the parameters and its return type. However, if I already typed out the code

x = round(y);

and I cursor over to it, I don't know how to show parameter info without retyping it. Anyone know how the hotkey for this?


Just discovered Option + Escape by browsing through the XCode Preferences Hotkeys section. It actually lists the parameter info in a tooltip (no other hotkey I've seen so far does this!), but isn't quite as friendly as Visual Studio's Ctrl+Shift+Space function. For instance, the text selection cursor (caret) must be on the function name (not on a parameter to that function).

Having explored the XCode hotkeys exhaustively, I'm going to assume that this is the best it gets in XCode.

Command + click the function will navigate you to the function definition, while Option + click brings up tooltip of function definition.

Control + Command + Shift + / is the keyboard equivalent of Option + click mentioned in other answers

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