How to get the return type of a method call in IntelliJ?

Normally you would expect just hovering over a method it would show a popup of the return type.

How do you get this information in intellij ultimate?


You hover it and hold down CTRL in windows or CMD in Mac

Hit Ctrl + Q (or ⌃J on Mac) when cursor is on a method declaration or call. It will show you the pop-up you want. As a bonus: Ctrl + Shift + I will display method body as well in a pop-up.

In intellij, Go to Help > Productivity Guide you will find a list of useful shortcuts to increase productivity

Regarding, this question in mac Press option+command+V to get the list of names that you can choose

Ctrl+ J in mac for getting the documentation

Find screenshots for ease:-

Try Ctrl + Space for quick definitionAlso Ctrl + Shift + P may help

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