rich content editor similar to weebly page editor

does anyone know of a nice javascript (preferably jquery) library that allows you to drag, drop and edit in place, in a similar manner to the weebly content editor?


I've been searching for something similar for a long time. Here's a compilation of the best I've found so far (apart from the obvious ones like TinyMCE, FCK Editor, NicEdit, MarkItUp! etc..)


(updated 20 Oct 2017)

So, almost four years after the original question, people are still searching.

I've been researching something similar for a couple of days now. We need a drag & drop editor for inclusion in an open source project. It needs to be a truly drag & drop site builder, not just a (fancy) text editor. These are some of the editors that look promising. Some of these may have been mentioned before. Not all are free or open source.

I had the same concern a year ago and doing some research I found impresspages CSM give it a try. it is amazing. It's written in PHP and usus jquery to provide drag and drop for edit in place functionality. current version 2.6 and it's Open Source GNU GPL v3.0 or MIT license.

Impresspages CMS

I use tinymce rich text editor with jQuery and i am able to edit in place, drag and drop.

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