How do I turn off relative positioning?

The positioning of the slider on the page is screwed up in all 3 major browsers. By turning off 'position:relative' (Element style) It seems to fix the issue (In Firebug, etc.) I have searched every file on the server and cannot find where the element style is though. I used Agent Ransack to search multiple terms to try to find the line of code, to no avail.

I am lost as where to go from here.

This is a wordpress site with a built-in-theme Jquery Slider.

    <div id="featured-slider" style="background-image: none; position: relative; overflow: hidden;"> {
       background-image: none;
       overflow: hidden;
       position: relative;


Do position:static !important;

This will overwrite any existing CSS and inline style. is the inline style.

If you add !important it will overwrite the inline style but you will need to know the class/id, unless you can just change the inline style.

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