How to update the source Option in bootstrap-typeahead.js

I am using bootstrap-typeahead in order to allow multiple selection. Here is the demo.

The original code has been update by @Sherbrow Twitter bootstrap typeahead multiple values

My question is related to the following use case: after inserting Alaska value, I would like to update the source not showing again Alaska value. Any hints?


I had the same problem and this one will save you a lot of time. I've updated your old jsFiddle with my code example. The basic thing is that you need to do

var autocomplete = $('input').typeahead();'typeahead').source = newSource;

Where newSource is the new array. Now you just need a function that adds or removes an element, or whatever you need to do with it.

None of the given answers worked for me, I had to destroy the original typeahead instance and re initialize it.


Based on the default updater method of typeahead :

updater: function (item) {
  var pos = this.source.indexOf(item);
  if(pos != -1) {
    var newSource =
    this.source = newSource;
  return item

Demo with multiple values (jsfiddle)

Keep in mind that you can access this source from anywhere with $('sel').data('typeahead').source considering that the typeahead is initialized

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