Regex str_replace

Would it be possible to incorporate a str_replace method with a regular expression, designed to catch url strings in a simple html < textfield > input type?

I'm considering something simple like a tip for the user to set it up as follows:

This is some text and click this link here.

Obviously the word "here" is a href to the url before it (or after it, if that makes a difference). The text input is drawn from a MySQL db.

I believe the start of my solution is something along the lines of:

$regex = '';
$pg = $row['pg'];
$pg = str_replace('{regex goes here}', $pg);

But I know things are missing. And then I would just output the $pg paragraph.


Check out preg_replace here, this is what you are lookin for.

// From the documentation.
preg_replace($regularExpression, $replacement, $subject); 

What you're looking for is preg_replace:

$pg = preg_replace('{regex goes here}', '{replacement goes here}', $pg);

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