Hide items in the right-click context menus in Visual Studio 2010 (08)?

The right-click context menus of the source editor, the project items and the solution item, is getting ridiculously long, and two of them even have scrolling now on my 1680x1050 screen.

Is there any way for me to hide items on these menus, even if I have to add an event to my Visual Studio macro-system and find and hide them manually?

Here's examples, many of these items I never use:

Edit1: The current answer + comments suggest I should use the Customize menu item in the toolbar context menus, go to the second tab, Commands, and use the Context Menus radio selection and find the relevant menus there.

Here are 3, which are suggested by comments:

As you can see, they're all empty.

Edit2: After clicking the "Reset All" button in that dialog, for the Solution and Project menus, I got items in the dialog, that I could edit, but the changes did not affect the actual context menu on either a project or the solution file. Also, after restarting Visual Studio, the dialog contents for those two were again empty.


In Visual Studio 2010 you can:

  1. Goto Tools->Customize
  2. Select the Commands tab
  3. Select the Context menu radio button
  4. Select the appropriate context menu from the dropdown list to the right, and delete away

I believe Visual Studio 2008 is similar.

You will need to choose the correct context menu in the Customise option.

Go to Tool > Customise,

Then choose the Context menu as you did in your Edit1 screenshots but choose "Editor Context Menus | Code Window" from the dropdown menu instead.

From there you should be able to delete whatever command you don't need from your context menu. Next, for the other commands that can't be found in Editor Context Menus | Code Window (mostly plug-ins or extensions related commands) you will have to go through other categories.

For example, I am using CodeMaid and when I right click a file in Solution Explorer the context menu below are shown

In order to remove the 'Cleanup Selected Code' command I will have to choose the Project and Solution Context Menus | Solution Folder dropdown option.

Added: Here is my sample reduced context menu (removed Copy, Cut, Paste, Outline Menu and Create Snippet...)

Hope this helps =)

Edit: In case you want to add back the commands you removed you can either add them back using New Command... or just press Reset All. Keep in mind the later will restore all the commands. Thus unless you are really having trouble finding the removed command use the first method.

I use 3 VS extensions and these 3 are responsible for polluting the context menu:

  1. VSCommands
  2. Power Commands
  3. Power Toys

Using their own options dialogue, it's possible to subject showing those menus to pressing CTRL (in VS Commands) or completely disable them (the other 2 extensions)

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