Disable Constraints in Xcode Storyboard

I'm trying to layout a very simple view. I've placed 4 custom buttons in the view in a grid like spacing. But when I run the app I get two of the buttons with different sizes. I've included the storyboard and simulator images here.

I would LOVE to disable constraints but cant find where to do it! I really don't want them. This is just for a simple prototype app and in the end I won't even have these buttons, I'll lay everything out in code.

I've tried dragging in 4 individual buttons AND tried just dragging in one and duplicating it to where I want. I just want them to stay where I put them! Any help would be appreciated.



You turn it off in the File Inspector (first tab on left) -- there's a checkbox called "Use Autolayout" (it's checked by default).

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