Embed TypeScript code in an HTML document

Is it possible to embed TypeScript code in a web page? I want to embed TypeScript code inside script tags, like this (so that it is automatically compiled to Javascript):

<script type = "text/typescript">
    //TypeScript code goes here


Actually there are several projects that allow you to use TypeScript code like that - TypeScript Compile, ts-htaccess.

The catch here is that .ts code should be compiled into JavaScript - it can be done either at client-side (slow; the whole TSC should be loaded into the client as well) or at server-side (obviously faster, and it's far easier to leverage the cache on the compiled code).

This is a version I wrote that directly uses the version from Microsoft/TypeScript/master so it always stays up to date: https://github.com/basarat/typescript-script

You can even point ts to any other TypeScript version you might have and it will work fine 🌹

A JavaScript library has already been developed for this purpose - it's called TypeScript Compile, and it allows typescript to be embedded in HTML (as shown above.)

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