symfony2 twig whitelist html tags

I pass a variable to my twig template in Symfony2, this variable may contain <br /> html tags, I have tried to create an extension (function), but the variable still gets escaped.

How can I output a twig variable that allows the <br /> tag? Is there a simple solution to just allow a whitelist of allowed tags in certain templates?

I've searched about twig sandboxes, but I'm not sure if that is my solution.

edit: I still want the variable to be escaped, but to allow exclusively the <br /> tag.


Initially I thought it should be possible to write custom escaper strategies so you could do something like this:

{{ var|escape('html-custom') }}

Unfortunately it's not the case. Only available strategies are html and js. They're hard coded in the twig_escape_filter() function defined in a Twig_Extension_Core class file.

It seems that your only option is to write custom estension with a new filter:

{{ var|raw|customescape }}

Here's an example of custom twig extension and how to register it in Symfony: Symfony2 Twig extension

Actually, you can use native PHP function strip_tags by following:

{{ var|striptags('<br>')|raw }}

you can allow multiple tags with following code:

{{ var|striptags('<br><p>')|raw }}

You can do like that :

{{ text | striptags('<p><b><br') | raw }}

For instance,


won't escape

<br> and <br />



won't escape

<p> and </p>


{{ var|striptags('<br>')|raw }} 

works fine, but I don't know how to pass an array to the strip_tags php function with this twig filter.


{{ var|striptags(['<br>', '<b>'])|raw }}


{% set allow = ['<br>', '<b>'] %}
{{ var|striptags(allow)|raw }}

throw an "Array to string conversion" exception during the rendering of a template.

Be also carefull that strip_tags php function doesn't escape html attribute like "onclick".

{{ var|nl2br }}


{{ var|raw|nl2br }}

nl2br reference

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