how to call parent constructor?

Let's say I have the following code snippet.

function test(id) { alert(id); }

testChild.prototype = new test();

function testChild(){}

var instance = new testChild('hi');

Is it possible to get alert('hi')? I get undefined now.


That's how you do this in CoffeeScript:

class Test
  constructor: (id) -> alert(id)

class TestChild extends Test

instance = new TestChild('hi')

Nope, I'm not starting a holy war. Instead, I'm suggesting to take a look at resulting JavaScript code to see how subclassing could be implemented:

// Function that does subclassing
var __extends = function(child, parent) {
  for (var key in parent) {
    if (, key)) {
      child[key] = parent[key];
  function ctor() { this.constructor = child; }
  ctor.prototype = parent.prototype;
  child.prototype = new ctor;
  child.__super__ = parent.prototype;
  return child;

// Our code
var Test, TestChild, instance;

Test = function(id) { alert(id); };

TestChild = function() {
  TestChild.__super__.constructor.apply(this, arguments);
}; __extends(TestChild, Test);

instance = new TestChild('hi');

// And we get an alert

See it in action at

To stay correct, the code is slightly modified and commented to be more readable, compared to CoffeeScript output.

JS OOP ...

// parent class
var Test = function(id) {

// child class
var TestChild = function(id) {, id); // call parent constructor

// extend from parent class prototype
TestChild.prototype = Object.create(Test.prototype); // keeps the proto clean
TestChild.prototype.constructor = TestChild; // repair the inherited constructor

// end-use
var instance = new TestChild('foo');

You already have many answers, but I'll throw in the ES6 way, which IMHO is the new standard way to do this.

class Parent { 
  constructor() { alert('hi'); } 
class Child extends Parent { 
  // Optionally include a constructor definition here. Leaving it 
  // out means the parent constructor is automatically invoked.
  constructor() {
    // imagine doing some custom stuff for this derived class
    super();  // explicitly call parent constructor.

// Instantiate one:
var foo = new Child();  // alert: hi

By taking advantage of variable arguments and the apply() method, you could do it this way. Here's a fiddle for this example.

function test(id) { alert(id); }
function testChild() {
  testChild.prototype.apply(this, arguments);
  alert('also doing my own stuff');
testChild.prototype = test;
var instance = new testChild('hi', 'unused', 'optional', 'args');

You need to declare the function testChild() before you set its prototype. Then you need to call testChild.test to call the method. I believe you want to set testChild.prototype.test = test, then you can call testChild.test('hi') and it should resolve properly.

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