How do I embed a single file from a GitHub gist with the new gist interface?

The new GitHub Gist interface has one embed snippet for the entire gist which embeds all files in the gist. The old interface had embed code for each file in the gist. Anyone know if there's a trick to embed a single file?


Take the gist URL from the left-hand side and after the .js add a query string like ?file=myFile.blah, e.g.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Just for other people reference that might be looking into this.

If you are using Wordpress you may achieve this with the plugin oEmbed-gist and shortcode style:

[gist id="your-gist-id-here" file="your-file-name.js"].

GitHub provides this same information here on their site. As others have said the official way is to attach ?file=name-of-file.ext to the end of the embed code's URL in order to only embed the file called name-of-file.ext (you can of course change the name to whatever the name of your file is). For example, if I wanted to embed the getGitContents.js file from the Gist at I can use the following:

<script src=""></script>

In addition there is this YourJS blog post about this which allows you to enter your user name and see the embed codes for all of your gists and the underlying individual files.

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