How to use EditTextPreference as a masked Password text field?

I have a very simple question: I have a EditTextPreference dialog which I want to use for getting the user's password and I want it to be masked.

How can I do that?


Here is a short example using xml:

    android:inputType="textPassword" />

Or you can use numberPassword instead of textPassword.

android:inputType="numberPassword" doesn't work for me. Eclipse told me, that no String values are allowed for this attribute. So i used following:

    android:password="true" />

This got me a EditTextPreference with a dotted textdisplay and a number keyboard for input.

If you want that the password mask persist also after device rotation is suffice to add the following imeOption:

in the edit text layout android:imeOptions="flagNoExtractUi"

or programmatically yourEditText.setImeOptions(EditorInfo.IME_FLAG_NO_EXTRACT_UI);

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