Java Content Assist / Refactoring with External Build tools

We currently build our Android (Java) projects using the built-in Eclipse build tools. Then we have a separate ANT build script for automated building, unit testing, etc.

I would like to switch to using the ANT script inside Eclipse as well. What I can't figure out is how Eclipse content assist and refactoring tools will interact with such an arrangement.

Can I continue to use the Eclipse refactoring / content assist tools, while never using the Eclipse build button? We don't currently use the "Automatic Building" mode for Eclipse, so I don't care about that.

On a related note, will a tool like ANT be able to build just as little as Eclipse does?

Or does Eclipse do something a lot more intelligent that modification-date checking to limit how much it builds?


You can absolutely do it. With Ant it's easy - just do Window->Show View->Ant and then drag your build.xml to it. After that you can just double-click on the target which will kick the Ant build. Of course you can still use Eclipse for anything else

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