Javascript Event Between onFocus and onChange

I'm working a web page where I'd like to run some Javascript code when a user alters text in a given input field, but I can't figure out which event to trap (assuming one exists) that would give me the behavior I'm looking for. onFocus happens too soon -- if the user selects the field but doesn't change any text, I don't want anything to happen. But onChange is too late -- I'd like the Javascript to fire as soon as the user starts typing, not when the user is done typing and clicks something else. How could I accomplish this?


onkeydown (although it wouldn't work for pasted data, where onchange is probably better).

There are a couple events that can help you:

  • onKeydown (fired when a key is pressed down)
  • onKeyup (fired when a key is released)
  • onKeypress (fired when a key is pressed and then released)

keydown / keyup / keypress?

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