Run without debugging in eclipse

When I run my app on my phone from eclipse, it always runs in debug. This has only recently started to happen. I guess I must have inadvertently changed a preference or something, but can't work out what. Does anyone know how I can switch it back so I can run without debugging?

Thanks in advance



I found someone else reporting the same error

They resolved it with a phone restart.

The same worked for me.... how frustrating!!!!!!

At least its working now.

Massive thanks Aaron Digulla for our help.


Check the VM options in the project's properties. There should be something like -Xdebug=.... Remove that.

I suggest to duplicate the entry and create a second one without the debug options. Also note that under Common, you can save the launch config somewhere (for example in your project), so this setup doesn't get lost.

Just ran across this issue. Sometimes the Eclipse Android dev environment sets the application property android:debuggable="true" in the AndroidManifest.xml file. This will cause your app to run in debug mode regardless of if you press 'run' or 'debug' in Eclipse.

I know this contribution comes a little late, but here it goes. Be sure you do not have any android.os.Debug.waitForDebugger() method invoked since your code. If so, just remove or comment it and rerun your application.

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