Getting user input from Win32 C++. WPARAM casted as int?

I'm working on a pre-existing codebase and I'm looking to have the user type any 1-2 digits followed by the enter key at any time during the code being run and pass that number to a function. Currently, user input is handled like so:

    int wmId, wmEvent;

    switch (message)
    case WM_KEYDOWN:

Now, I'm not sure of a few things,

  • a) Why would the keypressed be passed as an integer rather than a character?

  • b) What would be the result of "F1" being sent in this case aaand

  • c) How can I use this to read in a 1-2 digit number and pass that only when enter is pressed?


a) The value sent here is a virtual-key code, not necessarily a character.

b) See list of virtual key codes here (given in a comment). F1 would be represented by VK_F1 (0x70).

c) When a digit is pressed, add it to a string containing the last digit presses. When any other key is pressed, clear the string. When enter is pressed, act based on the string value.

Edit: This would be a bit complicated in WM_KEYDOWN since you would need to handle both the normal digit keys and the numpad keys. It will be easier to handle the WM_CHAR message instead, which receives the character code in wParam.

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