VS2005 SP1 on Win XP crashes after loading solution with 362 projects without any error, log or trace

I am running Visual Studio 2005 on Windows XP. It crashes without any error, log or trace when I try to load the solution for our product that contains 362 projects. I don't think the size of solution (362) is a problem, because it works on my colleagues computers. There is no entry of this in Event Viewer.

Any help to locate root cause of the problem or any solution if known would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shashibhushan


Thanks Luke for your suggestion. When I debugged using windbg.exe, it became evident that the exception was being generated at the time of loading dll related to "VMDebugger - Visual Studio Integrated Virtual Machine Debugger". I disabled it from the Add-in Manager and now the solution is being loaded successfully and working fine. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Thanks, Shashi

Just some general thougts:

  • Uninstall SP1 - i had several difficulties with it. I.e. i was unable to create a working x64 DLL using SP1
  • Try again on a different machine that so far does not have Visual Studio on it. So you know wheteher its a problem of the Machine, or maybe a general Problem of Visual Studio
  • Uninstall and reinstall Visual Studio.

EDIT: If you started seeing these problems yesterday i would even more strongly suggest, to uninstall and reinstall VisualStudio as well as SP1. Did you install any new software recently?

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